Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Perfect Pillow for Any Sleeping Position

Most people have a preferred position in which they like to sleep. Whether sleeping on the side, stomach, or back, there's a pillow that's perfect for everyone. When trying a pillow be aware of how it is supporting the neck. The position you want to copy will be the same position you have when standing up and looking forward. You do not want a tilt in the neck area.

Back Sleepers

A thinner pillow is best for anyone who sleeps on his or her back. This keeps the head from being tilted forward, which can obstruct airflow and cause neck discomfort. Some people find they get the support they need from a tapered pillow and a quality mattress.

Side Sleepers

Someone who sleeps on his or her side should choose a firm pillow that will support both the ear and the neck. This will prevent the neck from experiencing excess strain. The pillow should fit between the shoulder, neck, and ear with no gaps. Try to find a solid foam core pillow as these have more support.

Stomach Sleepers

A person who sleeps on his or her stomach may not need a pillow at all. However, a flat pillow may provide some comfort without obstructing the airway. A pillow under the stomach or hips may help alleviate lower back pain.
With these tips, anyone should be able to find the perfect pillow, no matter how they sleep.