Monday, July 17, 2017

6 Bedroom Design Tips for Superior Sleep

Getting enough sleep is an essential component of being healthy. With the right design choices, any bedroom can become an oasis of restfulness and tranquility. Try these tips to prep the bedroom for sleep.

1. Take Stock of Temperature 
6 pillows kept on a mattress

Experts say the ideal sleep temperature is between 65 and 69 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing a ceiling fan and sleeping with the window open helps keep the bedroom cool enough for optimal rest. As a bonus, the whir of a ceiling fan creates white noise that can lull anyone into a deep sleep.

2. Welcome the Dark

Adorning windows with blinds and light-blocking curtains prevents the morning light from interrupting sleep too early. LED motion lights are an excellent solution for those who often get up in the night to use the bathroom, as keeping a light on can interfere with the process of falling asleep.

3. Choose Calming Colors

It's no secret that colors have a profound effect on emotions. In the bedroom, color should be used to create a calm and comfortable vibe. Achieve the look with warm earth tones like rich terra cotta and soft, cool colors in natural shades of blue, violet, and green. Avoid colors that stimulate the senses, like pinks, reds, and oranges.

4. Clear Clutter

It's hard for the mind to calm down enough to sleep deeply when it's surrounded by stimulating objects. The room should be free of anything that isn't used for sleep and intimacy, including televisions, computers, family photos, and gaming systems. Avoid storing items under the bed or under mattresses, as feng shui practitioners note that this clutter can block the flow of energy within the room.

5. Consider Ideal Furniture Positioning

Another tip from feng shui concerns positioning of the bed, which should be as far from the door as possible while keeping the entrance in view. Placing the bed in the diagonal corner opposite the door promotes a feeling of safety while maintaining optimal energy flow. Experts also recommend against desks and mirrors, which can hinder restful energy.

6. Appeal to the Senses

Choose fabrics that create a cozy environment for the best sleep, such as soft, plush bedding and cushioned area rugs. Older mattresses should be replaced, especially when sleep is impacted. Most mattresses last about eight years, so anything older will negatively affect sleep. If a newer mattress is uncomfortable, a mattress topper can help. While it's important not to overstimulate the senses, soft scents like lavender promote relaxation.

With these six tips, the bedroom becomes a sanctuary where occupants can rejuvenate and recharge for the day ahead.