Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Often Should Mattresses Be Rotated?

People don't often think about bed maintenance, but it can make a big difference. Easy preventive measures can prolong usage while improving sleep.

Extend the Life of a Mattress

Spring mattresses contain hundreds of steel coils inside. Their purpose is to create a firm but springy sleeping surface while maintaining the product's shape. When a person sleeps in the same position night after night, some of the springs are compressed more than others. Over time, this can result in an uneven surface and uncomfortable sleep.

Rotating and flipping a mattress can extend its life. Periodically, spin it end to end. Alternate this with flipping it upside down from time to time. This way, the same areas aren't constantly compressed. Flipping and rotating gives the coils and other materials a chance to bounce back.

How Often?

Experts agree that it's beneficial to move mattresses at regular intervals. But exactly how often should they be rotated and flipped?

The answer depends on the product. A good rule, though, is to move a mattress every three to four months. For example, spin it end to end today. In three months, flip it upside down. In six months, spin it end to end. In nine months, flip it again.

The good news is that moving a mattress even as infrequently as twice a year can have beneficial results.