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Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Child

The best children's mattresses promote safe, comfortable sleep, which is a vital component of well-being for those of all ages. This is what parents should consider when choosing a mattress that will ensure their child has many restful nights.

A child next to the words 'Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Child'

Ideally, parents want to choose a mattress that will last until their child is ready for an adult bed. High-quality construction and materials provide a bed that remains comfortable and supportive as the child grows. Latex foam is a good choice for a child mattress since it adapts to the sleeper's weight and shape. This means it will work as well for a toddler as for a lanky adolescent. Also, more traditional mattresses, like the ones we manufacture here at Buis, can be flipped and rotated, prolonging the life of the innerspring system.


A single, twin-sized bed makes sense for parents seeking a less expensive option or those with a smaller home. However, when a tiny child turns into a tall teen, they may no longer fit on the mattress properly. In this case, a twin XL, which is slightly longer, is a good alternative. A full-size mattress allows plenty of room for comfortable growth when families have the budget and space.


For most children, a medium-firm mattress will promote a restful night's sleep while comfortably supporting the child's weight. A supportive, firm mattress will allow for healthy spinal alignment. Involve children in the mattress-buying process and ask them what type of bed feels best. For some added cushioning to a firm mattress, consider adding a supportive and body contouring mattress topper.


Many parents choose an innerspring mattress because of their durability and affordable price. Latex is another durable option that can stand up to substantial wear and tear. The Talalay latex material available from Buis Mattress provides a cooler sleeping surface that is designed to be anti-bacterial, providing a healthy night's sleep for years to come.

When shopping for child mattresses, stop by the Buis Mattress showroom in Holland to explore our extensive selection of high-quality mattresses manufactured on the premises. We create custom child mattresses that are specifically designed for growing bodies.

For a Cool Mattress, Consider Latex

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Customers who want a mattress with cooling properties are increasingly turning to latex models. These mattresses offer comfort and support along with air circulation that lowers body temperature for a relaxing night's sleep. The many benefits of latex make these beds a restful choice for most individuals, especially those who tend to get hot at night.

The Cooling Properties of Latex

Latex, a foam made from the sap of a rubber tree, has an open cell structure that allows air to flow freely through the material. These mattresses are also constructed with very small holes that increase airflow even further. When a person moves around while sleeping, the air within the mattress is pushed out and new air flows through. This natural ventilation provides a cool sleeping surface, regardless of the outdoor temperature. In contrast, mattresses that have a closed-cell structure, such as memory foam, have limited ventilation and thus create a sleeping environment that many find too warm.

Additional Benefits of Latex

In addition to its cooling properties, latex is naturally anti-microbial. This means it resists the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungus, as well as dust mites, improving indoor air quality and limiting respiratory symptoms. It's also an environmentally sustainable material that is completely biodegradable.

Latex mattresses are a good choice for anyone who prefers a firm yet flexible sleeping surface or desires support for back pain and avoidance of pressure points. The structure of this mattress supports the spine to promote good posture by eliminating negative space. Those who tend to wake up when their partners move during the night will also benefit from the minimal motion transfer of this type of mattress.

Mattresses made completely of latex are durable enough to last up to 25 years, while latex blends are more affordable but may have a shorter lifespan.

Latex mattresses from Buis Mattress in Holland are built in-house using the Talalay method, an organic process that protects consumers' homes from harmful VOCs. Other types of mattresses are made using harsh chemicals that can enter the indoor air.

Stop by our showroom today to test out these products, which feature a blended or 100 percent latex core with no synthetic filler. We also make high-quality mattress toppers, custom mattress sizes, youth beds, and other products designed to give our customers the best possible night's sleep.

Buis Mattress Manufacturing Process: What Materials Do We Use?

Image of a sewing machine sewing a mattressAt Buis Mattress, we manufacture all our mattresses in-house using quality linings and materials. Learn about our choices in materials and designs for a mattress that provides greater sleep comfort.

High-Quality Outer Materials

Soft, breathable cotton is used for the outer mattress materials to promote a healthy sleep environment and restful nights. Two types of cotton are used in our manufacturing process. Wolf cotton, which blends cotton with polyester, creates the durable lower layer, while Jones cotton, which is 100 percent cotton, is built into our tufted mattresses for supreme comfort.

For a layer of extra cushioning, pure wool from Frankenmuth Woolen Mills is used. In addition to delivering a higher level of comfort, wool supplies a dry, cool surface for the mattress. For durability and antimicrobial properties, natural Talalay latex is used, sourced from Sri Lankan sustainable rubber tree forests. Latex is breathable, providing a cooler sleep surface. Talalay delivers a muscle-relaxing buoyant quality that relieves tension, lifting away the pressures of the day for restful, healthy sleep.

The Best Inner Materials

Inside each mattress, a power stack foundation made from a heavy-duty wood frame and four-prong modular is used for the base. Because our standards are high, we've chosen this quality design over the typical two-prong modular that's popular with most national companies. American-built Inneract springs, made by Spiller Springs in Wisconsin, provide outstanding support. These springs use open end five-turn offset wire in size fourteen gauge. Three types of innersprings made by Holland Maid offer a spectrum of firmness levels to suit different preferences. Eight coil designs are built into each mattress to provide a range of ergonomic support. We believe this type of design offers far superior support than foam or air can provide.

Locally sourced from Grand Rapids, our polyurethane foam supplies the ideal combination of softness and resistance for maximum comfort. These foam densities are available to suit individual preferences: 1.9, 2.8, 3.2, and 4 pounds. By using quality mattress materials and providing options, we meet a wide range of customers' needs.

Why No Pillow Tops

We purposely do not include built-in pillow tops in our mattresses. That's because they have a distinct flaw: their soft cushioning foam breaks down much faster than innerspring. When multiple layers of foam break down, the mattress loses its support and needs to be replaced. Our solution is to build sturdy latex mattresses for a breathable, lasting option that creates a cool, comfortable sleeping experience.

Our testimonials speak to the quality of our products. Visit Buis Mattress, headquartered in Holland, MI, and check out our bench-made mattresses. Give us a call at 616-396-6257 for hours and directions to our in-house showroom.

How to Prepare for a Better Night's Sleep

Image of a sleeping woman
A few hours before bedtime is the ideal time to start preparing for a good night's sleep. Read on to learn more about the body, its sleep-wake cycles, and how to guide the body toward falling asleep fast and producing a good night's rest.

Set a Schedule and Follow It

Determining and honoring the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle—or circadian rhythm—is very important in preparing for a good night's sleep. Some individuals are programmed to remain awake later, others to wake up early. If at all possible, try to follow one's "body clock"—and stick to it. Even sleeping in on weekends can disrupt alignment with that clock, so try to adhere to the same sleeping schedule no matter what day of the week it is.

Nighttime Dining

Since the body's system is not designed to digest food during sleeping hours, avoid heavy, protein-laden meals before going to bed. If eating late, go for foods like turkey, bananas, honey, and warm milk to increase the flow of melatonin, a hormone that encourages sleep at night. As for alcohol, enjoy the nightcaps at least over three hours before bedtime. If alcohol is consumed too close to bedtime, it can lead to disruptive sleep, snoring, and feelings of insomnia.

Power Down the Gadgets and TV

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the light-emitting screens of technological devices inhibit the urge to fall asleep. As a result, turn off all laptops, smartphones, and the TV at least an hour before bedtime or better yet, eliminate them from the bedroom altogether.

The Nocturnal Scene

The ideal atmosphere for sleeping is a room that is dark, quiet, and cool. Try to eliminate as much light as possible. If noises from traffic or other sources are inevitable, try obscuring it with the sound of a fan, white noise, or the use of earplugs.

Bedtime Ritual

Since the goal is to go to bed with a relaxed, carefree mind, do not allow worries or racing thoughts to impede a good night's sleep. Instead, jot them down on a piece of paper for consideration the next day. Some writing or light reading is typical for a bedtime ritual but preferably in a comfy chair or sofa rather than in bed.

A Stretch or Bath

Light stretching that loosens and relaxes tight muscles before bed is a good idea, especially when much of the day is spent facing a computer screen. A short stretching routine can help relieve muscle tension and prepare the body for a more peaceful, rejuvenating sleep. Of course, a warm, relaxing bath before bedtime is almost always a sure way to fall asleep fast and benefit from a thorough night's rest.

To ensure our customers of sound, restful sleep night after night, Buis Mattress design experts build mattresses one at a time. We are the preferred choice for many customers throughout the Holland, Grand Rapids, and Grand Haven areas. For more details on our mattresses, custom products, brand-name bedroom furniture, and more, please call us at 616-396-6257 or fill out our contact form.

The Manufacturing Legacy in Holland, Michigan

Image of a lighthouse in Holland MichiganThe history of Holland, MI is one of industry, perseverance, and hope. What began as a small settlement hacked out of the swamps and forests on the western side of Michigan has grown into a vibrant and inviting town. Throughout Holland's history, almost two centuries of inhabitants have given shape to a town defined by their industry and hard work. The manufacturing legacy in Holland, Michigan is deep and rich, especially with regards to the many furniture makers that found success in the 19th and 20th centuries. Buis Mattress is proud to carry on this legacy with mattresses manufactured on site and sold directly to consumers.

Early Holland

Holland was founded by a group of about 60 Dutch settlers led by Albertus C. VanRaalte. Originally bound for Wisconsin, the group was persuaded to stay on the shores of Lake Michigan by the abundant timber that would become the foundation for the town's economy. The settlers themselves dug a channel connecting the town with the lake, opening up Holland to the vast trade networks of the New World's inland waterways.

The Furniture Boom

By the late 19th century, a number of furniture manufacturers had sprung up along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. In Holland, dozens of furniture makers vied for the business of a nation settling into itself. Cabinets, beds, couches, tables, and every other item was manufactured in or around Holland, often made from the wood that surrounded the town. Today, companies like Haworth and Herman-Miller continue to make the region a driving force in the global furniture industry.

Despite the growth of Holland as a tourism and retirement hot spot in recent decades, the manufacturing legacy remains strong. Buis Mattress is writing the next chapter with our bench-made mattresses. People love our products, and we're sure you will too. Check out our full line of mattresses or inquire about a custom mattress to suit any space. Like other American businesses that have called Holland home, we work hard so you can rest easy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tips for Getting a Custom Mattress for Your Boat or RV

Finding the right boat or RV can be as satisfying as purchasing a new home—especially here in Holland with the beautiful coast of Lake Macatawa just waiting to be explored. But what's a home without somewhere to sleep? It's crucial to have a comfortable sleeping situation to maximize on work, recreation, and everything in between. Here are some tips to find the right custom mattress for a boat or RV.

Benefits of Going Custom 
A split image of RVs and a couple in a boat with the words 'Tips for Getting a Custom Mattress for Your Boat or RV'

Since beds on a boat or RV are not standard to the ones used in a house, a custom-made mattress is worth considering. Not only does this ensure a perfect fit for unconventional spaces, but the buyer can also specify firmness and material according to their sleep preferences. Even factors like weight and shape can be customized depending on the unique needs of the space. Buis Mattress can create mattresses with specific sizes, dimensions, and materials to make sure that it's the right fit for any particular property.

Get the Measurements

It's a good idea to make sure measurements of the space are taken before mattress hunting. When going custom, factor in the perfect height to accommodate low ceilings, and don't forget about added factors like rounded edges that will affect measurements. Often, boats and RVs will have nearby storage, drawers, and hinged doors around the bed, so be sure to account for those opening and closing when measuring for the ideal mattress.

Shop Mattress Tops

Depending on how firm or soft someone wants their mattress, mattress toppers are a great way to adjust for an overly firm mattress. These affordable toppers may not come in the right size, but because of their materials, they can often be easily cut into the exact dimensions of the RV or boat mattress they need to cover. From latex to high-density foam, mattress toppers come in many different styles, allowing for complete comfort no matter the material.

Don't Cut Corners

It can be tempting to assume that because one usually spends less time in an RV or boat than in a home, it's a good idea to cut corners and get a cheap mattress. Some even try to use an old mattress and cut it down to size. But the truth is, missing a night of restful sleep can easily throw an entire vacation or trip off balance, so it's vital to treat this mattress shopping experience just like one would for a home mattress and ensure that the mattress materials and handiwork are of the highest quality. 

Treat your RV and boat the way you would your home. Stop by our location in Holland to see all of our options!

Monday, June 4, 2018

How to Tell If You Need a Box Spring for Your Mattress

As recent as two decades ago, box springs were a ubiquitous part of the bed, found beneath every mattress. Today, most high-quality mattress manufacturers build their mattresses to be one-sided (meaning they can't be flipped) and to provide comfort and support on any sturdy flat surface. That said, the warranties for even some modern mattresses may require the use of a box spring as an assurance that the mattress is getting the right support.

What Is the Purpose of a Box Spring? 

A woman in a bed next to the words 'How to Tell If You Need a Box Spring for Your Mattress'A box spring is a foundation for a mattress made to the same dimensions as the mattress itself. It is usually made of wood, though some may be made of metal or covered in fabric to match the mattress. While the mattress supports the body, the box spring supports the mattress and ensures a stable foundation. It prevents continued use from wearing out certain areas of the mattress before others and provides a flat sleeping surface. A box spring might sit inside a bed frame in a full bed set (including head and footboard), or it can be placed directly on the floor with a mattress on top.

Do I Need a Box Spring?

The short answer is probably no unless the warranty requires it. Modern mattresses can last just as long when placed on top of any sturdy flat surface. A mattress should be replaced every five to ten years, in any case. People sleeping on a mattress older than ten years should check out modern mattresses irrespective of whether they are worried about using a box spring. Platform beds are a stylish alternative to using a box spring and provide mattresses the same level of support. In drier climates, placing a mattress on a hardwood floor will also give adequate support. Be aware that mattresses placed on carpet, especially in humid areas, may succumb to mold damage earlier than they would on an elevated platform or box spring.

Buis Mattress uses only the highest quality materials to manufacture mattresses in Holland, MI, an area renowned for furniture and mattress manufacturing. We take the time to find out exactly what you need in a mattress to ensure the kind of quality sleep that will keep you refreshed and ready to take on each new day. Check out our unique products online or contact us today at 616-396-6257 to learn more.