Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sleep Tight: Top Two Sleeping Positions For the Spine

Maintaining good spine health goes beyond diet and exercise—it also includes sleep. Two recommended sleeping positions should be taken advantage of for optimal spinal alignment.

1. On The Back

Sleeping on the back is the most ideal position. Working in conjunction with a quality mattress, this position naturally aligns the spine, neck, and shoulders. This position also alleviates pressure on the back and minimizes acid reflux.

2. On The Side

Side sleeping is considered the second best sleeping position for the spine. Sleeping on the side stretches the spine and opens up the oropharynx—which will reduce snoring, especially for those who suffer from sleep apnea. Also, sleeping on the left side is a great position for pregnant women because it increases blood flow to the baby and reduces acid reflux.

Things to Remember Before Bedtime

Unlike the above positions, sleeping on the stomach is detrimental. It forces the spine out of its natural shape, thereby causing overreaching and an often painful morning.

Mattresses can also get uneven and uncomfortable over time, which can cause back pain. It is recommended that mattresses are replaced every eight years, which will contribute to keeping the spine in excellent health.

Following these sleeping tips can ensure a good night's rest and a healthy back for years to come!

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