Thursday, May 18, 2017

What to Know When Sharing a Bed With a Pet

Snuggling with furry family members can have surprising benefits for everyone. Feel free to dismiss the naysayers who tell horror stories about stained mattresses and focus on the positives of spending extended time with animals.

They Provide Stress Relief 
Image of a dog snuggling on a bed mattress

Having a warm and furry presence in the bed at night can give pet owners a strong sense of calmness and relaxation; just look at therapy dogs as proof. In addition, those suffering from insomnia may feel more at peace with a dog or cat in the bed, hopefully leading to a better night's sleep.

Your Personal Home Security System

Constantly worrying about burglars or intruders can be unsettling. Having a protective dog asleep at the foot of the bed can be comforting for many owners, especially those with children. Dogs have much better hearing than humans, and they're cheaper than most home alarm systems!

Added Warmth on a Cold Night

A curled up pet on the mattress can give off a lot of body heat. While this may not be ideal in the summer, there's nothing better than cuddling with a cozy pet on a cold winter night.

They Can Help Fight Depression and Anxiety

Feeling sad and lonely can be hard to bear. However, having a loving pet in the bed can be helpful for those dealing with depression or anxiety. Since dogs are known for their unconditional love, having this furry friend nearby can provide some needed comfort during hard times.

It's Great for the Pets, Too!

As good as this sleeping arrangement is for humans, it has possibly stronger benefits for pets. Dogs usually have a strong devotion and connection to their masters. We often forget that they receive comfort from us just as we do with them. So, allowing them to sleep on the same mattress works only to strengthen that cherished bond.

With an attentive and adoring pet around that wants nothing more than to spend time with its owner, sharing a bed can be a win-win situation for everyone involved.